Trump got elected as a president because he wanted to put ‘America first’, meaning that he wants America and the American economy to grow, by as much self-sufficiency as possible.

This has created many open job positions and the unemployment rate has decreased, but where does he put America first when the causes of the tariffs he wants to introduce, harms his own, the American people?

Trump has started a huge trade war with China, which has cost many people their jobs. Trump has put tariffs on many Chinese goods, because he believes that it would be good for America, as the American companies have to buy their material inside the country, and then the money spent on those materials and goods also stays inside America, benefiting their economy.

On the other side, tariffs come with a bunch of consequences.

China responded to this, by putting tariffs on American goods that the Chinese companies import, among those especially products from the American agriculture. Agriculture is one of the few remaining export-oriented products America has left, as article 3 states1.

Therefore, it hits back hard on America, when China introduces a tariff like that. Right now, the farmers and agricultural economists are worrying that Trump's trade policy will cost them their jobs and a lot of money.

Trump is a man there says what is unsayable and he is a norm busting political outsider, which he exactly won the election on in 2016.