How does Trump´s “America First” policy affect the U.S?

On Donald Trump´s first day as president, he declared a change in America´s direction, “America First”. This expression is already well-known ever since the interwar period but is now used with another perspective.

Trump´s “America First” policy seems to be affecting the United States more negatively than we will think, but Trump believes that U.S will come out on top.

During the presidential election, Trump got really popular on his slogan “Make American Great Again”. Things as, better prosperity, advancing American values and more jobs were promised to get improved. Trump also did improve lots of things, such as corporate profits and jobs . But his “America First” policy increasingly has made a positive and negative change at the same time on the America society.

But what kind of consequences are there for the American Business, workers and consumers?

To summarize this essay, the “America First” policy believes in expanding trade to make it fair for all Americans. All American trade should be a benefit and seek to actualize more jobs and promote economic growth. It contains a specific importance of protecting the religious liberty and build a strong national defense.

So Trumps purpose has been fine but after seeing the consequences it have given for American business, consumers, workers and foreign relations It neither have turn out to be only positive or negative for the U.S yet .

The final conclusion is that the consequences of Donald Trump´s “America First” policy is that some American business are forced to raise prices on their products which will influence their rate of turnover. Higher prices can make a fall in the demand and remove costumers. But at the same time Trump has also given so many American’s the possibility to get a job and earn some moneys.

The worst thing will be if other countries continue to match with the U.S own tariffs, American inhabitants will feel it in their wallets and American workers will slowly face a critical change in jobs. I suppose that the “America First” policy is going to influence the U.S relationship with some countries around the world. I guess that some countries will feel offended and try to search other ways.

So the best way to increase the competitiveness of American-workers has nothing to do with tariffs. It´s about investing in America. Investing in skills, future knowledge and infrastructure. Invest in America and work together with the world.

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