India does not know much about rights, would some say. But India is a very big country with a very high population, and are India developed as many other countries?

Many people would say India is far behind in the evolution. The 2 topics “India’s Economy and Women’s rights in India”.

In India they are evolving slow, not in everything but when it comes to the Women’s rights, they are evolving slow. Many women in the past years have been treated under the men, because the men where their master.

The men wanted their wives to make them food and take care of their children when they were out farming and hanging out with friends, the women would just stay inside the house all day and do all the cleaning and all the other householding things.

The women didn’t have a job because their husband didn’t want them to the transport in the cities because it was too dangerous, they would only let their wife work if she could afford the metro, because the metro was a lot safer to travel in.