The religious slums of India | Engelsk Essay

“Dalits must show Gujjars respect. They are not supposed to look Gujjars in the eye or touch their food or water cups” This is to this day the sad reality in modern India.

The Caste system, which originates from old Hinduism still rules over India, even though it’s been illegal by law. But what is the caste system really? And why do people still obey to the Casts?

Multidimensional poverty is when the poverty that no longer only surrounds money, but also basic things like good health, clean water, electricity and education.

Here it’s especially important to take notice in the education part, because like I said earlier the highest of social rank in the caste system is educators.

This also shows us the connection between the Caste system and poverty in India, these old traditions seem to have settled deeply into the poor Indian society that doesn’t get the proper education or life quality they should.

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