India Untouched Analyse | Noter i engelsk | Over 3 sider

Analyzing the documentary
1. Write a short summary of the documentary (1/2 page)

2. Identify the main message of the documentary
a. What is the filmmaker’s purpose of the documentary?
b. Is the viewpoints/attitude visible in the documentary?
c. What are the arguments of the documentary and what are the claims?
d. Does the documentary seem reliable?
e. Is there use of appeal forms to support the main claims and how are they used?

The documentary “India Untouched” is one of the most thorough examinations of the "untouchables" in India. Driven by ancient religious laws, no amount of government encouragement can stop the tragic custom of separating humans by birth.

Those regarded as untouchables suffer more than just isolation, they are forced to complete petty tasks in the community, drink from different containers, take off their shoes in the street to show respect, and show many other manifestations.

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