Does signing a piece of paper make you a committed spouse?

  • “Why men and women get married” by Jenna Gourdreau, 2010 Forbes.
  • “Not Married? The Odds That You Never Will Are Higher Than Ever” by Tanvi Mirsa, 2014 CityLab

1. Jenna Gourdreau believes that both men and women want to get married. However the standards have changed, the basis of each gender varies and the social pressure is on. In 2010 the article Why men and women get married was published on the website of the American magazine, Forbes.

It seems that both sexes tie the knot out of love and social pressure, from watching friends getting married. Just-engaged Jhaymee Wilson knows the pressure, since her younger sister got married before her.

Relationship counselor and author John Gray explains that since women now play a bigger part in the workforce, their security needs are met, so they look for a man to provide emotional support.

The men on the other hand have started prioritizing a woman’s education and intelligence over her good looks since the 1960es. Also, women are ready whenever they fall in love, yet men want to stabilize their own lives before getting married.

2. The article Not Married? The Odds That You Never Will Are Higher Than Ever by Tanvi Mirsa was published on the website of CityLab in 2014 and arguments why singles will most likely never get married.

According to a new report released by the Pew Research Center, using 2012 Census data and a new survey, the report finds that 20 percent of U.S. adults over 25 have never been married.


Do you feel like you became more committed to your boyfriend or girlfriend the day you signed the marriage-contract? Well it seems a study by the Marriage Foundation concludes that if future parents want to commit to their families, all they have to do is to get married.

If you ask me, what makes a committed couple is neither a wedding ring nor a signature. It is sincere and mutual respect, common values and a couple of butterflies in your tummy whenever you see your spouse. Let us for example say: a man and woman just met each other.

If they go straight to the courthouse and say “I do” to each other, they are more likely to stay together than the unmarried couple who has been together for years. That is what this study says.

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