Paper about ink tattoos | Engelsk

1. Give an outline of the different views on ink tattoos presented in the texts
2. How does Brendan O’Neill argue for his views in text 2? Give examples from
the text.
3. Taking your starting point in text 3, discuss what ink tattoos signal in today’s society

Andy Carrington has written text 1 “Is tattooing a Form of Self-mutilation?”, which is an essay published on his personal website. Carrington is discussing the sense of pain getting a tattoo will give, and he is also discussing the symbolic meaning of a tattoo. Carrington means that getting a tattoo is also a permanent mark of the body (ll. 11-12) and he agrees that people get tattoos for different reasons, for example by religious or spiritual devotion.

Brendan O’Neill has written text 2 “Tattoos were once a sign of rebellion - now they are evidence of craven conformity to cultural norms”, which is a blog post from the website of “The Telegraph”. O’Neill is talking about how tattoos have become mainstream in the society today, and he tells also about how the culture about tattoos is in Japan, where Mayor Osaka banned people with tattoos for getting a job in the government.

Alexis Sachdev has written text 3 “In Defense of Ink”, which is an article.

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