The texts in section A focus on masculinity in crisis.
Write a paper (700-1000 words) in which you answer the following questions. Answer the questions separately.

Give an outline of the various attitudes to masculinity in crisis in the three texts.
How does Stephanie Coontz argue for her views in text 2? Give examples from the text.
Taking your starting point in text 3, discuss whether young men need to be challenged differently in today’s society.

Philip Zimbardo and Nikita Duncan, “The Demise of Guys”
Stephanie Coontz, “The Myth of Male Decline”
Jennifer Fink, "Why schools are failing our boys"

The male sex has throughout history been stereotyped by the pride and superiority of the gender. They have ruled, conquered and developed the most significant societies that we today, as a whole, see as our brilliantly constructed and globalised planet.

Its no secret though, that the road to today as been full of dishonour and disparity for all who were not white-skinned males, and that women once were considered men’s possessions.

Men essentially began coming to their senses, which has directly lead to the equality and justice for most of the countries around the world.

Although, as woman continue to work hard for their rights and correspondence, men might actually be falling of the gender-powered thrown, which they, without a doubt have, have been sitting on since the dawn of man.

As stated earlier, Stephanie Coontz’s methods of argumentation are upmost statistical, although her real point actually doesn’t go hand-in-hand with what the figures show.

Our ethics and morals have all been changed, even if we only look at the past two or three generations, and Coontz states...