Today, women are believed to be the leading breadwinners. All over the world, distinguished females fight for the rights of women, and it has not become unremarkable.

Several studies say that nearly 60 percent of college degrees belongs to females, but it is not by mere chance. Owing to the fact that women have improved their socially status, men are starting to fail at being men.

Regarding the fact that men are fairly demised in our society, women are developing socie-ties, where most men are living obscured lives.

In the article “The Demise of Guys”, Philip Zimbardo and Nikita Duncan debate the topic. First of all, they describe how young men are struggling in school.

It appears that they are unmotivated and are wiping out socially. Addi-tionally, they do not get along with others, moreover they may even be in prison.

“Young men are motivated, just not the way people want them to be.”. Zimbardo and Duncan describe how society wants guys to be upstanding, proactive citizens, who work to improve the nation as a whole.

In addition to that, the authors find the expectations ironic, due to the fact that their society is not supplying these young men with enough resources. Both Zimbardo and Duncan believe that troubled men are being forsaken.