In about 300 words, account for the current opioid crisis in the US.
In no less than 600 words, discuss what action can be taken to try to stop the current opioid crisis in the US.

Over a long period of time, The United States has been struggling with the tragic consequences of the over excessive use of opioid drugs by the general population in America.

The excessive use of opioid drugs has been described as the deadliest drug crisis ever, not only in The United States, but in the world.

The opioid drugs in America are really easy to provide, either you can buy them off the streets or get them prescribed by your own personal doctor.

The outcome of America’s use of opioid drugs can be lethal, which has developed into a general problem across all states in America.

Every day the count of people dying because of opioids is increasingly higher and higher. Today more Americans die from drug overdoses than car accidents or fatalities. There are in all killed over 47,000 people in the United States in 2014.

It's an average of 130 deaths a day. Between 1999 and 2014, the overdose epidemic spread from a few concentrated pockets in Appalachia and northern New Mexico to nearly every corner of America.

Unlike most other countries, the US health system is run as an industry, not a service. That gives considerable power to drug manufacturers, medical providers and health insurance companies to influence policy and practices.

Too often, their bottom line is profits, not health. Opioid pills are far cheaper and easier than providing other forms of treatment for pain, like physical therapy or psychiatry.