Opioid addiction has become a nationwide epidemic in the US which, according to CNN, kills one every eight minutes. Many tend to think that drug addicts do not seek help, however that may not always be the case.

A lot of the addicts are poor and have no way to pay for treatment. Opioid-addiction can start as easy as getting a prescription for painkillers, which then becomes an addiction.

When the 30 days had passed Tess became the victim of addiction again. She had lost her ID and was stuck in Las Vegas. She became a middle-man and dealer, in order to pay for heroin.

Tess herself had an opinion on the system. “What we really need is an urgent care center for the addicted,” Tess told me the first time we met.

She was right. Medical overtreatment was the rule in American medicine” (P. 2 L. 29-30) Tess had been in the system and could see the flaw, Medical overtreatment.

In the video “I know I am going to die” by CNN, also shows how medical overtreatment can ruin lives. Both of the addicts interviewed in the video started their addiction on prescribed drugs, such as painkillers, but soon they would seek stronger types of opioids.