The Opioid epidemic | Essay | Noter

In 2017 70237 Americans died from a drug overdose that's a new record but these Americans are not dying from illegal drugs such as cocaine, meth, or heroin.

Instead, about 47600 Americans died from opioid painkillers. 17029 out of 47600 of these deaths were caused by painkillers that were prescribed by the doctors.

The History
- So the big question is how did they get to that point?
- false accusations
- Following problems

Well in the 1990s doctors were under a lot of pressure from advocacy groups of the federal government to treat pain.

It was a really serious medical issue and there were about 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain. These chronic pains were mostly caused by work-related stuff.

These pills were used for people who were injured badly and needed to be recovered fast so they could go back to their work or be able to live with this pain.

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