The US opioid crisis | Essay | 10 i karakter

1) In about 300 words, account for the current opioid crisis in the US.

2) In no less than 600 words, discuss what action can be taken to try to stop the current opioid crisis in the US.

The recent US drug crisis is a growing epidemic affecting hundreds of thousands of Americans, led by the pain-relieving substances by the name of opioids.

The epidemic is steadily increasing the average Americans life expectancy, in 2016 it fell 0.1 years to 78.6, the previous fall in the US life expectancy being seen back in the 1990s during the AIDS outbreak.

Overdoses and drug related death numbers have in recent years skyrocketed, more Americans die of drug related instances than car crashes and gun incidents.


The working class comprise around 35 percent of the US population today, around 105 million Americans are in the working class, that is over one third of the nation’s population.

It’s very important to find a solution and different rehabilitation methods for the people affected by the crisis but it’s a very difficult task.

Alexander Walley, a physician and a director of addiction consolation services at Boston Medical center stated:

"The simplistic idea was, 'Oh, this is all about prescription opioids, and therefore that's all we need to do: reduce the supply of prescription opioids and we'll reduce all these deaths and people won't become addicted,'" Now that the access to prescription opioids is inhibited, there is a huge rise in use of heroin and heroin overdoses.

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