Ethnicity has a significant meaning when it comes to British identity. There are a lot of different ethnic groups in Britain and people with different ethnicities often stick to their own race and groups.

Britons from minority groups often face discrimination and racism in their everyday lives. There are various aspects of British identity, and it has become unclear what Britishness actually is today.

They chat about the contrast between being British and being English. One of Dr. Beckford's main points are that British identity is much more flexible than one might think and there must be room to define your own Britishness and adapt to that.

“I Think that one of the great things about Britishness is it's all mixed, it's the history of a mongol nation…

It’s been a history where identities have been made and remade and i think the “BAME” is just another part of that remaking” (Britishness and national identity, 3:15-4:06)