Tid: Eksempel på verballed:
Præsens (simpel tid) How you feel (00:25-00:27)
Præsens (udvidet tid) She is quite clearly taking back (00:32-00:36)
Præteritum (simpel tid) We started (00:22-00:23)
Perfektum (simpel tid) We have looked at (00:17-00:19)
Perfektum (udvidet tid) We have been running (00:06-00:07)
Futurum (simpel tid) Who will say (02:10-02:12)

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Assignment 4A - Britishness and National Identity

Thank you for your inquiry. In reply to your Email, I would like to give you relevant information about reasons for delay

on the new PlayStation 5. I will also tell you about expected delivery, compensation offers and upcoming products and promotions from SONY.

First of all, I'll start by apologizing for the delay. Sony Europe has experienced numerous difficulties in keeping up with demand for the new PlayStation 5.

The reason for this is that our supplier experiences problems with delivering due to the coronavirus. But we are happy to inform you, that we expect to deliver your goods within 5-10 days.

We are sorry to hear that you experience many frustrated customers. As an excuse we can offer you an 8% discount on the entire order as compensation, or give you the opportunity to give your customers a 10% discount code to SONY Europe´s website