In today’s film industry, you are not only looked at what you can achieve but how you look. A lot of people are told that they don’t fit the role, because they don’t look or speak a certain way looked or have the right ethnicity.

This is what actor, director and activist America Ferrera highlights in her speech at TED Talk “My identity is a superpower - not an obstacle”, 2019.

Bringing up her own experiences on the obstacles she has faced being a Latina in Hollywood, where she was seen as “too brown, too fat and too poor Latina”.

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Ferrera's intention with her speech is clear. Starting from seeing her ethnicity as an obstacle to seeing her ethnicity ad a superpower of hers.

Her speech sends a clear message to other people of minorities that for them to achieve their dreams, they must see their differences as their strengths.

“Change will come when each of us has the courage to question our own fundamental values and beliefs.” (ll. 92).

Ferrera explains that to make change happen, it would have to happen when one starts embracing their differences, which gives an encouraging message for everyone in the audience.

Thus, Ferrera represents every individual with different skin color, looks and ethnicity. A perfect example of despite one’s ethnicity, one can achieve whatever one desire in life, because Ferrera herself didn’t stop having faith in the American dream.

Ferrera highlights how the film industry has an opinion regardless of how talented she is. “Whenever I did try to get a role that wasn’t a poorly written stereotype, I would hear, “We’re not looking to cast this role diversely.”

Or, “We love her, but she’s too specifically ethnic.” Or, “Unfortunately, we already have one Latino in this movie.” (ll. 32-34).

Here she enlightens her audience about the numerous times of rejection with different messages, but always with the same hidden meaning: Her ethnicity is an obstacle to her goal of a successful career in Hollywood.

Ferrera touches upon the lack of representation of minorities in the film industry, specifically in important roles even the lead role.

Ferrera highlights how there is a need for change but does not see herself being a Latina as the cause to blame, but the film industry’s refusal to change.