‘Why India’s rape crisis shows no signs of abating’ | Analysis

Imagine waking up as a woman in a country where rape and crime are commonplace, where you do not feel safe going out alone and always feel persecuted.

A country where men and women are unequal, and women does not have the rights they deserve. Your birthplace that betrays you and leaves you abused.

The big differences between gender and what you as a woman are not entitled to and know you can not live freely like the men. This is a topic which creates many conflicts in the society of India.

One of the arguments in the text is following: “Putting up a struggle seems to be futile when rape is increasingly used as an instrument to assert power and intimidate the powerless in India.” (p. 1, line 11-12)

This means that it can be difficult to make a change in a country where there is no system and there is a problem with the mentality and culture.

Another reason to why there is so much criminality can be because of the imbalance in the number of men and women.

The number of girl-abortions is increasing, again because there is a preference for men. An argument is “Many believe such skewed ratios can contribute to increased crimes against women.”

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