Analysis | ‘The worshipping of whiteness’: why racist symbols….

Analysis of ‘The worshipping of whiteness’: why racist symbols persist in America

The article named “'The worshipping of whiteness': why racist symbols persist in America” was published by the guardian on the 30’th of June 2020. It is written by Alexandra Villarreal who belongs to the New York branch of The Guardian media group.

Her work focuses on subjects such as immigration policy, gender issues, arts, and culture.

This fits in with the theme of the text, which is a critique of how racist symbols persist in America.

She talks about how 'The worshipping of whiteness' is prevalent everywhere, with examples such as the 20-dollar bill and more specifically the known slave owner that is being honored. The analysis will focus on focus on argumentative and linguistic features and will end with an assessment of how successfully Alexandra Villarreal has communicated her views.

In the article, the writer relies on the use of ethos a great deal. Ethos is the form of appeal that appeals to the reader’s feelings and emotions.

Most of her argument is based on the reader’s emotions and morals that say that racism is a terrible thing and that anything associated with it should be wiped from existence.

An example of this can be found on the second page where she tells the story of how a park, in a predominantly Black and Hispanic neighborhood, is named after an Illinois senator whose political influence and decisions enabled slavery.

The senator is even quoted as saying that “I am in favor of confining citizenship to white men.”. This appeals to our morals and emotions as the reader quite clearly can see that this senator is not fit to have a park named after him.

Even in a predominantly Black and Hispanic community, racism finds a way to stick its ugly head into the conversation. This is a way of suppressing minorities.

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