The Unites States of America has had a troubling history since the American revolutionary war, to the civil war, the great depression and later the cold war.

Building up hope for a better tomorrow. Unfortunately, today hasn’t necessarily gotten any better. Protests against social injustice that affects black lives, and protests to end police brutality. Again, building up hope for a better tomorrow.

In the article Williams references to past times to achieve what is called borrowed ethos. He attempts to earn his readers trust and belief to show credibility in his word.

He says “By 1860, Virginia would house roughly 1 of every 8 enslaved persons in America” . Bringing up factual points in the beginning sets a trustworthy tone throughout the rest of the article.

It helps the article sound more dependable. Williams needs to have some sort of credibility, otherwise are his arguments baseless.

To support his own credibility, he states the following: “Being raised in the literal womb of America and the origin of this country’s oppression left an indelible impression on me” .