The Electoral College | Argumentative essay

Every four years USA has to vote for a new president, or maybe the same president they already have had for four years. It sounds easier than you think.

When you are voting in your stat, you are not voting for the presidential candidate. The people you are voting for either the republican electors or the democratic electors.

This I also called the electoral college. Witch many of the older political people want to be eliminated.

They want to eliminate, the electoral college. Because it reduces the time between being voted until there's a new president.

Besides, they also believe that it will make it easier for the people of the United States to vote, as it might understand the system.

However, it would be a huge mistake to remove the Electoral College from the political electoral system, since it would make the presidential candidates only go after the great states of the United States, precisely to make sure to get the most votes, and therefore become the choice to be president.

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