Kidfluencers is the new black | Engelsk Essay

The term kidfluencers is a conjunction of the word’s “kid” and “influencer,” and it refers to the young group of social media influencers. It is a rising social media trend to be in the spotlights as a child or a teenager on the internet. But being a kid or teen in this type of position isn’t always fun and happy days. A lot is going on behind the scenes, parents perform as their own kids’ managers, companies offer crazy deals to collaborate with the child starts and the law is having a hard time following along. So why do the parents approve of this lifestyle? And what’s in it for the children, companies and social medias?

It is no secret that there is a lot of great money and benefits in the influencer business. And that goes for both the influencer, the social media platform they use and the companies they are advertising for. In the article “Companies make millions off kid influencers, and the law hasn’t kept up” by Taylor Mooney, CBS News, it says that “The companies that showcase the content of these kid influencers are making millions in the process. […]

Influencer marketing can also save brands millions in paid advertising.” So that means that companies are getting really good benefits from this kidfluencers trend. And the work that the kids and families are doing, is described as a lot of work, a full time job, but not hard like a real job, because the kids are having fun while doing it and while going to events, which creates content for the parents to upload on the social medias. The fact that the kids enjoy what they are doing is a great benefit for the parents, companies and social medias.

Social media earn their money through their users, companies through their buyers, which they get from the kidfluencer advertisings and the parents have happy kids who love what they do. Meanwhile is the legislator hanging on to the trend in a very thin thread. The article “YouTube Kidfluencers are becoming minefields for google” by Mark Bergen and Bloomberg, says that these collaborations between companies and influencers is not always very clear to see as an ad, which is illegal.

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