Hey everybody My Name is XX and I am here today to speak to you about the black Americans and Police brutality.

The history of black Americans has from the very beginning been marked by discrimination and oppression, when they were originally brought to the American colonies as slaves.

Even in the years after the abolition of slavery, they were subjected to many racist laws, which, among other things, introduced segregation and impaired access to public facilities.

Only after the hard struggle of the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s did black Americans achieve formal equality before the law in most areas.

However, the story of American racism did not end there. for example, great social and economic inequality between black and white Americans to this day. This inequality is manifested, for example, in the legal system, where black Americans are strongly overrepresented in American prisons.

Take example at the black lives matter demonstrations, where the police, among other things, have used violence, tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets against protesters.

They used battle shields to push protesters and media people, misused various means to control large crowds, and threw American-made Stinger Ball grenades that contain pepper spray and explode in a way that can cause concussions.

That just proves our point, that there is a need for systemic and sustainable police reform change at all levels.