The dream of an equal world | Speech | 12 i karakter

Have you ever had a moment in life where you have sat down and thought to yourself, I have so many opportunities in life and I am so lucky?

And if so, have you ever appreciated the life that was unintentionally given to you? If not, then you should, because in this exact moment where I speak and you sit with your warm cups of coffee, maybe even a hot chocolate.

In this exact moment, which to me and you are just another ordinary moment in life,millions of people all around the world can only dream of what we call “An ordinary moment”.

When we look at the whole continent of Africa, we see a continent which is dominated by poverty and has seen the one devastating war after the other.

Many of the people who live there never gets to think of the problems they need to solve, because for many the key task of survival is a lacking skill. The ordinary day for them is a never-ending game of trying to survive, to live the next day.

I knew going into this, that it may be hard for many of you to understand this contrast that the world has, so I wanted to show you this picture.

I personally think this picture portrays this pretty good, the contrast between our life where we try to enjoy things in life more than we need and the people who just try to survive.

As sadly as it may sound this contrast is something we have seen for a long time and some fine men have even made the so-called Global Goals, which brings me to my next topic.

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