Amarican dream Speech | Engelsk aflevering

Hello and welcome, everybody. I am a student at Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore, and for those of you, there may not know me, my name is Mathias Steimle.

I am delighted to have the opportunity up here on the stage to talk about some of my aspects of how I see the American dream. The term American dream has been a famous dream many have tried to chase.

The way we see the American dream is basically. Life should be better and wealthier for everyone with a fair opportunity for each citizen to achieve the goal, regardless of social status and birth. The American dream seemed attractive to almost everyone.

Some want to be wealthy and be recognized on the street. Others want to be extremely good at their job and earn enough money to never think about it again.

From my point of view as a student, I believe that the American dream is unobtainable. If a miracle happened in another place on earth, it would not be considered as the American dream. It will be stated as a lucky human being. And it would not be talk about in the same way as if it happened in the USA.

When it all comes to an end, it is hard to define the American dream. You cannot determine the dream because each person have a different mindset and a different path to reach the goal.

To think that is only about getting wealth is a narrow mindset to have considered the opportunities each person has.

The dream is here to drive us! It is here to motivate us in the morning for work. Nobody should be afraid of dreaming; you can never dream too big. Things might not always be right.

Noth-ing can be the perfect .Things you as an individual think is ideal might be nothing to others, but their way of thinking, should not make you afraid of who you are.

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