The greatest country in the world | Speech | 10 i karakter

Hello everyone, thank you for coming. I'm here on the behalf of your Business College students.

My name is Rasmus Vandel Jensen, and i am currently studying at Tønder handelsskole. Today I want to talk about the United states of America, the “greatest country” (hyperbole) as you all know.

I want to give you an opportunity to apprise and learn new information about the USA, so you afterwards can reflect on different people's opinions, and make your own.

In 1492 Columbus discovered what we know as America. Here the white people invaded a country that originally belonged to a whole different kind of people.

A people so different from ours. More and more white people started their travel over the sea to become a part of the ‘’new world’’.

Here they manifested their belief and vision and kept on pushing the border. Instead of being guests they became enemies for the native American people.

The native American people got pushed away along with the border and became a burden. The new founders succeeded because of their persuasion through religion.

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