‘My Little Bit of Country’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Every unique human-living person has their dreams and perspectives of life. Someone prefers to live in urban areas with tall buildings, lots of people, and a flow of bustle in the streets.

Others have a distinct preference for suburban life; being in wild nature with a small society. These differences between the species of lifestyles can be sizeable but you cannot say which one is the best.

Cheever makes contrasts between the city and the country throughout the text. The two places she mentions the most are New York and Westchester – the two places where her family has been living while she grows up.

In the beginning, they live in New York and it is a romantic city after World War II – a city filled with dreams and hopes for prosperity.

Cheever loves the city and especially Central Park, not just in the summer but all the time. “In the summer we walked over to Bethesda Fountain to cool off.

In the winter when the city air smelled of snow, we shouldered our skis…and slid shrieking with joy down the Seventy-ninth hill.”

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