All big cities around the world are having trouble with all the homeless beggars who are taking over public areas. Whenever we talk about the beggar, this always links us to the problem of poverty, and it´s a big problem for society.

In the short story "A country of beggars" the theme for beggars is represented through the kids, the family, and Greta´s discovery out on the streets of London. In this essay.

I will write about the short story, and how the title relates to the story. I will write about the relationship between the main character´s Greta and jane, and Tim´s relationship with his family.

The main character of the story in Greta, and she is an au pair who was rejected for her application of jane, but the latest au pair rejected jane for a ride with her boyfriend, so she wrote to Greta regarding the job.

Jane is the mother of two children, who need help to keep the kids entertained until she finished her book. The relationship between the two is trusting, which can be seen on page 3 (l. 57) "anywhere you like"-" As long as you get them off my hands."

Precisely this proves that jade trusts Greta because she believes she treats them properly and that the children feel safe.

Another example is when Jane in the end decides to keep Greta as their au pair instead of firing her by saying that she not having to pack her things and go, but instead go up and check on the kids "nobody does.