A country of beggars | Essay

Nowadays the worlds cities are having trouble with all the homeless beggars who are taking over public areas. Lately young people have also decided to leave their homes, to fulfill the goal of living on the streets. This can especially be seen in the USA and Britain. In the short story “A country of beggars” the theme of beggars is being represented through the kids the family and Greta’s discovery out on the streets of London.

In this essay I will write about the title of the short story, and how the relationship between the main character´s Greta and Jane are, and how Tim´s relationship to his family is, and at last I will write about the kids and their reactions and the ending.

Jane and Tim´s kids are both what seems to be spoiled. When Greta then decides to take them out and show them what is happening around them, which they would not normally look at or think about. When the kids return home, they are excited, and wants to play a game, where they act like the poor people who lives out on the streets.

At first it seems like Jane is against the play, since the unfortunate people who lives out there, have not taken the decision to sit out there, but were forced to it. But when Ben starts crying and says that it is only a game, she cannot say not to him and let them play.

The ending of the story takes place back home, where Greta got the feeling that Jane and Tim will fire her, after what happened when she was out with the kids. The short story ends happily, which is good for Greta and the family, because Greta stays and keeps the kids entertained, and Jane can write her book.

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