‘My little bit of country’ | Non-fiction essay | 12 i karakter

Being in nature is considered health-enhancing and contributes to increased excretion of endorphins, which makes you happier.

Nowadays, numerous people migrate out of the city in order to achieve the idea of rural life with plenty of range to scamper about.

Exhaling the new-mowed grass and listening to the birds' hum from the treetop is deemed privileged and desirable for some. Yet, even as idyllic as this seems some people perceive skyscrapers and traffic just as admiring and desirable.

This does not only demonstrate the informal language and medium-long sentences, but it also illustrates the personal angle she clarifies with the usage of the pronoun “I”, making it seem more personal.

Besides, the medium-long sentences are apparent when she elaborates and argues for the fact that the city is greater than the suburbias.

The lengthy sentences make her arguments seem more well-thought-out, therefore, the reader is more likely to be convinced that her allegations are dependable.

Furthermore, Cheever’s usage of contradictions underlines her opinion about the suburbs and the city.

When she mentions the city, she presents a picturesque vision through positive-associated words like “magical” (p.2 l.86) and “love” (p.2 l.70), making the city seem more appealing.

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