A focus on Pokemon Go | Non fiction

Write a paper (700-1000 words) in which you answer the following questions. Answer the questions separately.

1. Explain briefly the Pokémon Go concept, and outline some of the attitudes to it that are presented in the three texts.

2. How does Liz Jones argue for her views in Text 3? Give examples from the text.

3. Taking your starting point in one of the texts, discuss the pros and cons of games like Pokémon Go

Liz Jones is a writer for Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday where she writes columns, like the one we will be looking at today. The text is called “Pokemon Go is one more excuse to gawp at your phone and ignore reality”. Liz argues that grown adults are walking off cliffs and into the paths of cars as well as refusing treatment after being stabbed, all of this being the result of the then recent release of Pokémon Go. This, she says, is because of people walking around with their faces buried in their phones.

It seems that she had a very negative approach to trying the game, making me think that the article is a bit biased. For example, she attempts to name her character “Buggeroff!”, as well as complaining about the duration of the character customization, even though it has nothing to do with what she had mentioned earlier. “I understand the need to escape the current, grim reality, which is why fantasy epics such as Game of Thrones are so popular” (Text 3, ll. 54-57), here Liz assumes that all games, tv series and electronic devices are, is a distraction from the cruel world that we live in, and an excuse for avoiding confrontation. “I get why people drink, or take drugs, and Pokémon Go is arguable - if you avoid motorways - less harmful, but it’s as though these big Japanese corporations are performing a lobotomy on the populace.” (Text 3, ll. 57-62).

Liz is very opinionated and expresses some very strong statements and views, to substantiate her claims, and goes as far as comparing a psychosurgery procedure to a children’s videogame. She says, “Who has time to read the news or a novel when you are on the trail of a monster during lunch hour or even during work time” (ll.63-66) claiming that Pokémon Go is distracting people SO much from what is important, that it is disruptive of society as we know it.

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