Flexitarianism | Analytical Essay non-fiction

The article is an opinion article, it is about being flexitarianism, instead of vegetarian and cutting all meats out of your life. Toby Moses is an assistant opinion editor at the British daily newspaper, named The Guardian.

Moses wrote an article, called “Stop telling me not to eat meat: we should all be flexitarians”. That is where you have a day or some days in the week, where you do not eat any meat all day. Or it is when you just do not eat meat sometimes.

That is why instead of cutting all meat out of all your meals, Toby think being a flexitarian is a better alternative.

The topic is “Stop telling me not to eat meat: we should all be flexitarians”. Moses wants people to not be so extreme, about cutting all meat out of meals. He is telling people to stop making him feel guilty for eating meat.

He is a flexitarian, so he only has sometimes where he does not eat meat. Because he loves meat , so he cannot live without it. But he is trying to do the best he can, by cutting meat some days.

That is why he do not want vegetarian to make him feel guilty for trying, but not going all the way and cutting all meat. Moses thinks it is easier to get more people to become flexitarian and not vegetarian, because a lot of people do not want to live without eating meat.

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