Non Fiction – I’m more than an “Other”.

The world has come a long way since the reality of apartheid, today discrimination is forbidden by the law, in most countries. Even though, black people isn’t slaves anymore and public places isn’t divided into colour any longer, racism and discrimination still rules in today’s society.

Your ethnical origin decides who you are, and where you belong. The division of race, makes it hard for people, who are mixed race, or doesn’t define themselves by their ethnical race, to find their own identity.

The crisis of identity which can arise in a person, who is of mixed raced, is one of the topics which Meghan Markel writes about in her article, “I’m more than an “other”, Elle website, July 2015.

In this article, Meghan Markle clarifies that racism and discrimination isn’t gone in the United States, and that you still are defined by your skin-color.

Furthermore, Markle emphasizes by her own experiences, that the being mixed-race can create an identity crisis. Also, Markle underlines that it is up to oneself, not to be identified by race.

The writer of the article Meghan Markle possesses contextual ethos, by being a recognized actor and the wife of the British Prince Harry. The fact that she already is a familiar face, gives her credibility.

The fact that she is a part of the royal family, also provides her with credibility, because the royal family are acknowledged in most parts of the world.

Likewise, the language in the article is written in medium style, but still with an average amount of foreign words and play on words, which also gives Markle credibility. “The states has perhaps only placed bandages over the problems that have never healed at the root” (p.10, ll.236-238).

The use of rhetorical devices such as similes and metaphors, shows that the writer is intelligent, and has reverses of energy. Even though, there are used both play on words and some foreign words, there is also used short sentences and colloquial language, which makes it proportionate to read.

The fact that the article is written in medium style, is perhaps because Markle wants to reach out to a wide audience with her message.

Moreover, Markle uses a lot of personal pronouns like “I” and “you”, which makes the article seem more personal. “You push for colour-blind casting; you draw your own box” (p.10, ll.265-267). The use of personals pronouns, also makes it seem like Markle is writing directly to readers.

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