‘Kyrsten Sinema’s Swearing-In Look’ | Non-fictional analysis

The article “KyrstenSinema’s Swearing-In Look Was A Bold Queer Statement” is written by Lily Burana and the article is about the American politician KyrstenSinema and Lily Burana's point of view on KyrstenSinema swearingduring the swearing-in re-enactments for recently elected senators in the Old Senate Chamber in Washington.

The article focuseson femme queer and that Sinema's clothing decision creates some debate in politics. The article was published on Wednesday 4 January 2018 by HuffPost, which is an American internet newspaper.

Through the text, Burana also touches on the emotional issues. For Sinema, it is important to emphasize her bisexuality and that her femininity is not just a matter of political purpose and that bisexuality is often overlooked, discredited and erased.Burana gets it well described in the article by setting some good examples against each otherand it can be seen from an example in the article:

“Every femme moves through the world knowing that each day she must smash through the false dichotomies of femininity vs. credibility, of style vs. substance. She has to step over the stereotypes and erroneous assumptions about what a queer woman looks like.” (ll. 64 - 66)

In this quote, Buranauses pathos by trying to convince the recipient of her position by appealing to the recipient's feelings, and she does so by speaking out about every femme moving through the world by having to smash through the false dichotomies of femininity vs. credibility, of style vs. matter, and it affects many women's feelings as they can relate themselves.

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