Non Fiktion sorry | Analytical Essay | 10 i karakter

All people make mistakes, and no one is perfect. We all come from different backgrounds, and with a different view of life

but what we probably all have in common is that we all learned from a very young age that when we make a mistake, we say sorry, but are sorry enough?

Is a small and simple word like "sorry" good enough to make everything right? Or does the saying Forgiving someone is easy but being able to trust them is a whole different story. Count in this case?

In addition, she also makes use of the appeal form logos as she speaks to the reader's sanity, which is evidence when she writes The practice was eventually abandoned in the 1970s

and 11 years ago a report entitled Bringing Them Home recommended a formal apology to the stolen generation.

The word "sorry" will finally resound through Australian public life on Wednesday, when the new prime minister, Kevin Rudd, offers an apology in parliament on behalf of the Australian government. (p. 1 ll. 33-43)

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