Analysis of ‘Sorry for the Loss’ | Analyse

All over the world, butterflies get to spread their wings, and evolve in their own way, while some are suffering in captivity. They dream of the World on the outside, and dream to get out of that misery. Nowadays, in this modern society, most of our future lies in our hands, and therefore we get to shape and choose our own fate.

Just imagine that you have to tell a complete stranger that one of his close family members left this planet. How would they react on this type of news? Will they get so mad that they hurt someone? This short story deals with a lot of anxiety thoughts and it will raise questions about how to handle difficult situations, and how to react. The need for freedom is pictured in the short story made by Bridget Keehan; ‘Sorry for the Loss’, which has been written in 2008.

In this short story, we are introduced to the main character, Evie, who’s a prison guard in a prison in England. Evie is a catholic chaplain (p.1, l.13), and has been working in the prison for over a year (p.1, l.16), but she doesn’t like being there.

The environment intimidates her, and she doesn't like being there because of the noises coming from different places in the prison. Therefore, she appreciates when the prisoners are outside, because then she can relax quietly without there being any noise. She is a very religious girl and likes to have time to herself where she can relax and pray in silence (p.1, l.32). No matter what the prisoners has done, she still tries to see the best features in them and tries to feel compassion.

She is portrayed as a very kind woman, who clearly is extremely nervous about telling the inmate that his Nan has passed away. Evie is described as a woman, probably in her 30’s, because she, on page 3, line 75, expresses, that the inmate Victor could almost be her child.

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