‘The Underground Railroad’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Being a woman of color in the Us can be horrifying and Dangerous, especially when you are a slave.

Constantly being sold back and forth like an object with no value is harming for both the physical and mental health. All the torture, harassment and suffering are more than a human can take.

The first chapter is about the character Ajarry who was a black slave in the US. Ajarry was kidnapped from Afrika and brought to America at a young age.

She was sold and traded around the us but ended up in Georgia on the plantation. She grew up on the plantation. When she grew older, she got married 3 times, all of her husbands were slaves which means that she was constantly surrounded by death.

Ajarry ended up having 5 kids in total, unfortunately only one of them lived past the age of ten. Ajarry had to grow up quickly, she lost all her freedom at an early age.

Ajarry had to adjust to new plantations often. Ajarry´s external part is pretty flat, but we get a lot of internal information about her.

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