‘The Gambler’ by Don Schlitz | Analytical essay

The Gambler is a classic country music song about a gambler, who meets a stranger and talks about gambling.

It is written by Don Schlitz. It was written back in November 15, 1978. Kenny Rogers is the artist of the song when it got published. It takes place somewhere in the Western part of USA.

The Gambler starts with a stranger who meets a gambler on a train bound from nowhere. The gambler offers to tell the protagonist and teach him about poker, in exchange for a sip of his whisky.

On our first meeting with the protagonist is on this train bound from nowhere, which I believe that it symbolizes a new beginning, and what direction the protagonist is going.

I think that the protagonist might just have lost someone close to him, and therefore he wants to go towards a new direction, where he will be able to start a new beginning.

He does not know where to go, therefore he boards this “train bound from nowhere”, so he can decide where the right place will be for him to start a new beginning.

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