The environment | Assignment | 10 i karakter

- What comes to mind when you hear the word environment? Does it affect your daily life in any way? Why/why not?

- Do you think that Leonardo DiCaprio's involvement in the discussion has any impact? Why/why not?
- What is his objective in delivering the speech?
- How does he engage his audience? (modes of persuasion and other rhetorical devices - check the English Handbook)?

- The British government is already working with environmental issues in the Department of Environment. On their website they state: "
- Do you think the Danish government or the UK government are more environmentally conscious? Give reasons for your answer.

3) VOCABULARY: THE ENVIRONMENT - you may copy this from the book.
- Give a short explanation of the words in the box and then translate the words into Danish.

4) Answer the following questions using your own words:
- Name five different environmental issues and explain why they are environmental issues.
1. Air pollution and climate change.
2. Deforestation.
3. Species extinction.
4. Soil degradation.
5. Overpopulation.
- Describe the purpose of the global climate deal of December 2015.

5) Web quest on environmental issues:
- Scan the following websites for issues that are in the news at the moment:
- SELECT and WRITE 1 news item that you found interesting from EACH website.

When I hear the word "environment", many thoughts come to my mind. I think about all that has been up in the media the last few years.

Especially Gretha Thunberg and the phrase "if you continue, the earth will soon perish". I believe that it is us humans on earth who have a responsibility that the earth will also be alive for our future generations.

In my family, we sort our waste into 8 different categories, which I definitely think will help the environment (if of course it is also treated correctly afterwards). I believe that the life of the earth depends on human behavior.


I think it is very difficult to say who is MOST environmentally conscious. I believe that in the last few years we have all gained a greater or lesser degree of environmental awareness - as human beings in general, regardless of nationality.

In the UK, some major initiatives are being carried out, such as to avoid floods etc. where people in Denmark talk about these initiatives and to a certain extent also carry them out.

I feel that here in Denmark we say "the small initiatives lead to the bigger ones". Today, the population (here in Denmark) sorts their waste into plastic, metal, paper etc. as a completely normal part of their daily lives (environmentally conscious in the subconscious).

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