Environment or fashion | Noter Engelsk Essay

The society we live in is significantly related to business. This means that more often than before, the company is held accountable for how they leave their footprints for future generations.

In this context, the concept of "Corporate social responsibility" has begun to have a very special influence on how a company should act.

With the extra social and environmental considerations, companies try to differentiate themselves from their competitors, by being active in social responsibility, and to make a difference for the environment.

As the study above showed, the consumer's bargaining power has increased enormously in recent years, and this means that companies must act.

This means that companies must meet the consumer demands by acting quickly. Adidas is a great example of a company that has acted innovatively.

Adidas has managed to act responsibly by developing a sustainable adidas Ultraboost shoe. The shoe is made from ocean plastic

resulting in each shoe to contain an average of 11 water bottles and “incorporates recycled plastic into the shoe's laces, heel webbing, heel lining, and sock liner covers."

This example of a company that chose to think innovatively, based on their social responsibility, led in addition to good publicity, a large sale of over a million pairs of shoes, which benefited their business greatly .

In this way, it can be concluded that, among other things, social responsibility can pay off, both financially but also for the customers.

As the study above also proved, we can see a connection between customers' placement of money, on the basis of social responsibility.

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