The fashion industry has become the second most polluting industry in the entire world.1 For that reason, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of fashion-brands. One of the issues of the fashion industry, is the low wages and terrible conditions for workers in developing countries.

In the textile factories, where the workforce is mainly women, there occurs exploitation, low wages and forced overtime.

In addition to that, another issue of the fashion industry is the environmental impact of the industry. Polyester is the most used material for textile production, in the fashion industry, and it can take hundreds of years to break down. 3 Not only is the bad choice of materials impacting the environment, but also the sheer amount of clothes that are being produced.

According to Huffington Post, consumers only wear their clothing five times, and only keep them for thirty-five days, before it eventually ends up in landfills in developing countries – never to be used again.

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A survey made by CONE Communications, which is a company that embodies CSR and cooperates with other corporations, said that Americans are willing to reward or punish companies based on their values and actions.

Eighty-seven percent of Americans would purchase a product, if the company behind the product promoted an issue they cared about. And vice versa, would seventy-six percent of Americans opt-out on products, if they acted contrary to their beliefs.