The revolution of fashion | Essay | 10 i karakter

The worldwide production market is embossed every minute by new terms or actions. Tons of production companies fighting against each other for the biggest share on the market.

They offer great deals with discounts, and some offer very cheap products, which is crafted and manufactured under very bad working conditions and terms.

Worldwide customers didn´t think of these poor working conditions and how their clothes were manufactured and distributed few years ago, but the phenomenon has received a lot of attention the past few years.

The social media is a strong tool many companies use to impact the social attitude towards fast fashion. Customers feel good about their fashion purchases.

People like to feel they are making a difference, even though buying clothes with a “purpose”, such as CSR-related clothes .

Research confirms that big brands producing this type of clothes outperforms other brands who does not, for example cheap brands.

A smaller brand such as Patagonia has risen especially due to their social responsibility factors. The brand is constantly spreading aware of how important it is for the brand to embrace their policy and strengthening their sustainable ethos, which results in brand image and profits for the company.

Of course, when millennial customer has principles towards the context between different factors such as price, ease to buy, sustainability and the brand itself.

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