Is fashion going too fast? Essay

When we go shopping, we tend to first and foremost look at the price, rather than thinking “is this the optimal item for the price”. This habit of looking at the price also spills over into when we are buying clothes for ourselves. When we are buying cheaper clothes, we never think about what the actual cost of items is.

In the production of the clothes we’re buying, we don’t think about what goes into the process of making our clothes, from the agricultural part to the actual production and then to retail.

The retail business is one of the top industries globally, but the retail industry has seen a new movement, which is called fast fashion. The fast fashion concept is where large retail-chains like H&M and Zara, are imitating the trendsetting and more expensive clothing brands. But we don’t think about the global impact the fashion industry has on the environment and this can make one wonder if the fashion industry going too fast?

It's important to look at the fast fashion companies' supply chain, this crucial because the companies need resources, which is the fabric their garments are made of, this is for the most part cotton. Cotton is the most widely used material to make garments and clothing items out of.

The cotton is harvested from the cotton plant, which means are is an agricultural element in the process. The growing popularity of the fast fashion such as Zara and H&M has increased the demand for cotton exponentially. This has affected the farmers producing cotton, in the way that normal means like pesticides isn’t longer a viable way to yield the most cotton.

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