Environment or fashion | Noter Essay

The society we live in is significantly related to business. This means that more often than before, the company is held accountable for how they leave their footprints for future generations.

In this context, the concept of "Corporate social responsibility" has begun to have a very special influence on how a company should act.

With the extra social and environmental considerations, companies try to differentiate themselves from their competitors, by being active in social responsibility, and to make a difference for the environment.

To improve issues that may not be relevant to their everyday business." But in addition to that conclusion, the study also examined what factors

in addition to social responsibility, what consumers estimated companies to support. The result of that study showed, among other things, that women's rights and racial equality

were in the top three, whereas of Domestic Job Growth, was the most important factor, which according to the respondents was 94%.

These hot-button issues, in addition to those already mentioned, such as gun control, LGBTQ rights and climate change, have a major impact on consumers.

But will that mean they will be able to boycott the purchase of fast fashion from the brands that are not serious about their social responsibility?

according to their study, 73% are willing to boycott support for the brands that do not support these Hot-Button Issues, which shows how much social responsibility has begun to affect .

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