The Disposable | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Analytical essay:

In the short story “The Disposable”, the writer Kevin McGeary describes the problematic issue in our society today.

We live in a consumer society where we have the need to dispose our old things and buy newer and better ones.

In this short story we meet a phone. The owner of the phone is Kevin McGeary and we follow him through the eyes of the phone.

Somewhere in the phones lifespan it learns about where the devices end up when Kevin decides to depose of them. And it’s not a good place.


The short story “The Disposable” explores the consumer society that we have evolved into. We see Kevin’s need to dispose of his older things and getting newer ones.

He does not feel like he needs to take care of his things because he can always just buy new ones. Or that is at least the impression we get when we see it through the phone’s eyes.

When we see it through the phone’s eyes, we see it in first person point of view, as we see in the first sentence “I opened my eye” (s. 1 l. 1).

Because it is in first person point of view, it helps create a greater intimacy between the phone and the reader. But this will also cause the exposition to be limited to what the narrator knows.

In the story we don’t see it from Kevin’s point of view, our sight on him is therefore one-sided. We feel about him as the phone does.

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