Hemi’s Gift | Analytical essay

Analytical Essay of Hemi’s Gift

The short story “Hemi’s Gift” by TJ Corrigan is about a Maori girl, who just lost her father. She is on her way to Whangarei for her father’s funeral.

The main character travels with a bus and on the bus a strange man comes and sit in front of her. She thinks he is a weirdo and for that reason she tries to make people acknowledge that she is not related to this man.

However, in her opinion she fails. After a while the bus stops, where passengers can take a break from the long journey.

Here she and the strange man share the intermission and have a conversation. She discovers the real identity of the strange man. He is an actor from a show she watched called “Once Were Warriors”.


We are all subjects to death. That’s the fate of our life, but when a parent passes away, the family is left with a feeling known as grief and how to cope with the loss.

This is the feeling that everybody will have at some point in their lives, but some will have it earlier than others. The feeling is a common reaction of a loss, and it is represented in a short story written by TJ Corrigan called “Hemi’s Gift”.

Here we follow a girl coping with her father’s death and reminiscing about him. The feeling grief and the main character’s road to recovery can be seen throughout the conflict, setting and the main theme.

The short story’s narrator has more than one conflict. She is dealing with both an external and an internal conflict: “Now I’m associated with this crazy man just because we both have brown skin – naturally” (paragraph 7, l, 4-5).

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