A Gift for My Mother | Engelsk opgave

The short story is written by Viv McDade in 2011. The short story revolves about a young girl named Lucy, who lives with her parents in South Africa. In the story we meet the family of there and their neighbours.

The story is told by the 10-year-old Lucy which also means that the short story is told by a first-person narrator. We as the reader experience the story trough her eyes. That also means we are restricted to her thoughts and views on what happens in the short story. We don’t get to know what the other people we meet in the story thinks and how they view the things that happens.
Lucy, the narrator is 10-years-old. She enjoys spending time out in the nature. She is also very fascinated with flowers and other plants. This can be seen because she describes the flowers very detailed.

“I was reaching over a clump of blackjacks to cut off their flowers and they’d scattered their tiny black spikes on my t-shirt” (page 2, 20-21).

It can also be seen in the lines were she describes the lily flower.

“When I spotted my first flame lily, it’s wavy sweptback petals bright red at the top and yellow as the bottom”

She uses the nature and the bushveld to escape away from her home and get a break from what’s going on at home. She spends a lot of time out in the wild by herself, enjoying the beautiful flowers and so on. When she is out in the nature she uses she shadows from the tress to figure out what time it is and when she needs to head home.

The story takes place in South Africa. We don’t get to know which city they live in South Africa, but we get some clues in the short story. Because of the family’s bad financial problem, it seems like they live in one of the poorer neighbourhoods in South Africa. We can see this on page 1, lines 44-47.

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