The complication of the 1948 nationality act | Essay | 10 i karakter

This five-paragraph essay sheds light on the 1948 nationality act, the Windrush generation, and the Windrush scandal, that haunts many English citizens in today’s age.

The speech of David Lammy will be analyzed and interpreted to find the true purpose of his speech and whether or not his speech matched the subject; the Windrush scandal.

This gives him ethos but also pathos, since he has a personal experience related to the matter: “When my parents and their generation arrived in this country under the Nationality act of 1948

they arrived here as British citizens.” Here he stresses the importance of reminding his peers that his parents indeed were citizens and therefore should’ve been treated such as.

David Lammy’s speech was brought up in the British parliament and targeting his fellow congressmen.

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