‘Skinhead’ | Analytical essay | 12 i karakter

The feeling that you don’t belong in the social class in which you were born is a typical feeling, which many people experience throughout their lives, especially in their youth.

Some people just adapt to this way of living while always feeling unhappy, while others do something about this feeling.

The novel, “Skinhead”, written by Richard Allen and published in 1970, is about a sixteen-year-old boy named Joe Hawkins, told by a third-person narrator.

The mental environment is also extremely affected by this working-class desperation. The relations between the family members appears desperate and sad, since they don’t seem to be emotionally connected to each other.

Their relations are built upon hatred to each other, which is already stated in the first sentence: Joe Hawkins hated his parents with all the violence in his young body.

Something any child can say in a given situation, but the statement is probably consistent in their family relation, as we hear about the mother hitting Joe in the example: Thelma’s heavy hand swung, catching the lad across his cheek.

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