‘More Than Coffee- New York’s Vanishing Diner Culture’ | Analysis


The article “ More Than Coffee: New York’s Vanishing Diner Culture” from The New York Times in 2016 by George Blecher’s, is an article which explores diner culture in the US.

Blecher presents the diners as the third most important place in his life, where home and work are the most important. In the article he argues that new alternatives to the diners and change in eating habits are some of the reasons behind them closing.


The articles composition is very accurate to the traditional articles structure, this includes a title, an introduction, main part and a conclusion.

Blecher uses an introduction with catchy words to get attention from the readers. In the main part of the article the writer presents the main idea more detailed

here Blecher writes the development and importance of diners, he uses historical references as “In the 1990s, the Cafe replaced Mikell’s, a beloved jazz and rhythm-and-blues club.

This was the liveliest of my hangouts...” He also uses expert opinions but also experiences that the writer himself has. Blecher uses the appeal form ethos by distinguishing between the experts opinions and his own

where the expert would perhaps focus on the presentation and the food in the diner and Blecher as a local knows the atmosphere in the different diners and possibly knows something about the diners that an expert can’t learn from visiting there once.

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