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I just got home from my vacation and WOW; it was one of the best vacations I have ever been on. It all started with when I was sitting in my home in Denmark and was going to book a vacation. The holidays were to be in New York, and I started searching for a cheap vacation there.

As a student, you do not have that much money, so it is very important for me to find the cheapest vacation that was. It turned out I was too late. But I didn't give up so easily. I continued my search for a cheap vacation, and then I stumbled across this site called "Couchsurfing." I found the idea very mysterious at first. But after reading much more about it, it seemed very interesting, so I booked a vacation to New York. So, I left Denmark two days later and went to New York.

When I arrived at the arrival hall at the airport, I received a warm welcome from the host family that I was going to stay. It was a family of 5 and they were all so lovely and the parents treated me like their own child. We drove home to their place, and they showed me my room and gave me plenty of time to unpack.

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